Your Quit Plan and Resources on How to Quit Smoking

Knowing you want to quit is a big decision. Knowing you may slip up is part of it too. But being ready for the day and getting support once you decide to quit is extremely important and can help best set you up for success. Utilizing the Habitrol® Take Control™ Support Program increases your chances of quitting.  Get started by calling 1-888-HABITROL. Read the self-help guide here.

Setting Your Quit Date

Now that you are motivated and committed, the next step is to choose a quit date within the next 2–3 weeks. Consider what works best for you. Will it be easier to quit on a workday or a weekend? Whatever you choose, aim for a day when you’ll feel relaxed, and not surrounded by other smokers or alcohol.
Enter your quit day on Day 1 of your Daily Success Calendar.

It’s best to choose a date when:

  • Your stress level is low
  • You’ll be confronted with a minimum of smoking triggers
  • You will not be in a social situation with other smokers, especially those that include alcohol

If You Slip Up and Have a Cigarette

If you slip and smoke a cigarette, that's ok. It doesn't mean you still can’t quit. Think about why you slipped up or what triggered your slip, and try to do something different the next time. The important thing is to stick to your quit plan. If you need help, call 1-888-HABITROL.

10 Steps to Success

  1. Write down your reasons for quitting smoking and post them in a prominent place. Go over them daily.
  2. Tell a few close friends and family members. Ask them for help in any specific ways that you think you might need it.
  3. Use the Habitrol Beahvioral Support Program by calling 1-888-HABITROL and reading the self-help guide here..
  4. Know your triggers and practice coping strategies.
  5. Change your routines that involve smoking. For example, don’t sit in your “smoking chair.”
  6. Remember that you can save up to $2,000 per year* by not smoking and think about how you plan to use the money you save.
    *Based on the cost of one pack per day.
  7. Freshen up your environment. On the day before your Quit Day, clean your clothes, car, and any rooms where you spent a lot of time smoking.
  8. Throw away any remaining cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters the night before your Quit Day.
  9. Have plenty of low-calorie snacks available.
  10. Review instructions and frequently asked questions so that you know exactly how to use the patch as directed.

Learn how you can apply your Habitrol® patch in just 4 steps and start controlling your smoking habit.

For specific application instructions, you can always see the self-help guide included with your patches. Use as directed.

Need More Support?

Reaching your goals is easier when you have support.  Call 1-888-HABITROL for additional help and find more tips, tricks, and wisdom in this guide as you continue on the path to controlling your smoking habit.

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